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  • Dorm StoreDorm Store

    Mom and Dad are not looking forward to you cluttering up their garage this summer.
    • FREE packing supplies delivered to your dorm
    • Your items are inventoried and moved out
    • Your items are stored in our secure, insured facility
    • We move you into your new on or off-campus residence
    • Simple per item pricing to eliminate guess work
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  • Lease LayoverLease Layover

    You’re friends do not want your mattress stored in their kitchen.
    • Free packing supplies delivered to your residence
    • Your items are inventoried and moved out
    • We store your items between your leases, whether it’s a day or all summer
    • Items are moved into your new residence
    • Simple per item pricing to eliminate guess work
    • Friend/roommate discounts
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  • Truck LaborTruck Labor

    Don't be that person with a mattress strapped to the roof of your car.
    • We provide you with a Free Estimate with straight forward hourly rates
    • Our clean-cut, polite workers show up on time
    • Your items are carefully prepped, securely loaded, and promptly delivered
    • No need to rent a truck
    • Discounts when moving with a friend or roommate
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  • LaborLabor

    Don't go into labor alone.
    • Let’s not complicate things; you provide the vehicle, we provide the muscle
    • Luxury service on a budget
    • Simple straight forward hourly rates
    • Dependable, clean-cut movers show up on time
    • Whether it’s loading, unloading, or both, we’ve got you covered!
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  • Long DistanceLong Distance

    We know it's a long drive home; let MOVE do it for you.
    • Free Custom Estimates
    • We provide binding estimates so there will be no surprises on your final bill
    • Customer is provided with shipment itinerary so you know exactly when to expect your delivery
    • Fast Priority Shipments available
    • Discount on Bulk shipments; perfect for customers with flexible schedules
    • Licensed and insured interstate carrier
    • From sea to shining sea, MOVE has got you covered
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  • PackingPacking

    If you think moving is exhausting, you should try packing.
    • Easy over-the-phone estimates with simple per box pricing
    • All supplies are included in the price
    • Contents are insurable by MOVE
    • Whether you need your kitchen, bedroom, or whole apartment packed, we’ve got you covered
    • Our movers have been professionally trained with proper packing techniques
    • Welcome to the life of luxury, you don’t have to touch a thing
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